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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Couples Valentine’s Ideas

1.    Once the children go to bed, it is time for you and your loved one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Prepare a special Valentine’s dessert for you and your Valentine. Focus your attention on what your loved one’s favorite desert is. If they are a fan of chocolate, you can make a molten chocolate mini cake for each of you. Tiramisu is another easy desert option for you to make for your loved one. If you are not the baking type, you can make a fruit parfait. Create layers with pound cake, vanilla pudding, and fresh fruit to make the parfait. You can finish the parfait with whipped topping.

2.    Lay out a blanket pm the floor of your living room to make it a special picnic desert for Valentine’s Day. Light candles around your living room to set the mood in the room for your special desert. You want the lighting to be dim, if you can do this with your lights that will work too. Place some pillows around the edges of the blanket that you laid out to give you something to lean on. You can also turn on soft romantic music to keep the theme of romance going.

3.    Watch a romantic dinner on your picnic blanket after you have enjoyed your Valentine’s Day desert. Open a bottle of wine and relax as you watch a movie that you would not normally get to watch with the children around. Some of the best movies to use for this special evening are the old romantic movies that you can get on DVD. Plan a movie marathon based around one of your favorite actors to make the evening last even longer.

4.    Slow dance with your Valentine after the movie is over. This is a traditional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that is often forgotten. You do not need to be out in a fancy restaurant to be able to slow dance with the one that you love. Place a couple of slow romantic CD’s on repeat so that you do not have to end your special slow dance.

5.    Finish your romantic Valentine’s Day by giving each other a sensual massage. You can get massage oil at any drug store and use the blanket that you laid out for your picnic as the place to give each other the massage. If you do not want to stay out in the living room, you can move into the bedroom to finish off your Valentine’s Day.

Share the love with your family this Valentine’s Day. Although this special day has become alarmingly commercial over the past few years, there’s no need to break the family budget. After all family bonding is always free.