Host A Christmas Party On A Budget (Without Looking Cheap)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Host A Christmas Party On A Budget (Without Looking Cheap)

Iced Christmas Gift Sets: 12 CountEverybody knows at least one fabulous socialite who hosts amazing parties during the holiday season, every year, without breaking a sweat. For the rest of us, Christmas parties tend to be a lot of work and cost way too much money at a time of year when the family budget is already spread too thin.

But what if this year you could step into the shoes of Christmas Party Host Extraordinaire and plan your own holiday soiree that knocks the knickers off of all your guests – without breaking the bank?

Hosting a fabulous Christmas party on a budget just takes a little thought and planning ahead of time.

Here are a few ways you can get started on a stress-free, budget-conscious, Christmas party path.

Start With Your Guest List And Budget

Making a list of how many people you will be inviting to your Christmas party will allow you to budget for food, alcohol, and space. If you have a list with a modest number of people, you may be able to afford putting on a fancy meal and providing wine for all your guests. But, if that list starts to grow into a number that your budget is not capable of handling (you set a firm budget, right?), then you can start to make adjustments to the party planning in order to save money.

How To Cut The Cost Of Food And Alcohol

Two easy ways to quickly cut back on the cost of your Christmas party is to turn your feast into a potluck and add a BYOB note to the bottom of your invitations.

A fully catered Christmas dinner party can be impressive when you are comfortable to do that financially, but if you’re not, is it really worth it once the panic sets in after the credit card arrives in the mail a few weeks later?

Encourage your friends to bring along their favorite dishes or desserts that they love to make. Remind people to bring their own alcohol and while you’re at it, why not suggest that everyone bring a different type of wine to the party and create a casual wine tasting atmosphere?

If you really want to have an alcoholic beverage on hand for your guests, you could choose to have some inexpensive mulled wine or hot apple cider available for everyone to try.

Save Money On Decorations

Even though your house is likely to be decorated with Christmas decorations already, it might be hard for you to resist adding some party-specific decorations that may eat into party planning budget.

So, why not consider adding some homemade ornaments to your holiday party d├ęcor?
Fresh pine boughs can be easily transformed into beautiful wreaths with a few velvety ribbons and a hot glue gun.

Ribbons, bells, and other festive knick-knacks can be found at any dollar store for next to nothing.

Christmas paper plates and napkins can also be purchased from the dollar store which will not only add a little color to your potluck buffet table but they will also save you from an overwhelming mountain of dirty dishes at the end of the night.

Christmas music is another way to create an atmosphere and set the mood with cheerful sounds of everyone’s favorite Christmas classic. If you don’t have any yourself at home, it is very likely that you can borrow some from friends and family.

Think Outside The Gift Box (Host A Cookie Exchange)

Instead of a typical Christmas party, why not do something different than most people, like maybe host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party? Forget exchanging store-bought gifts and invite all your guests to bring a few batches of their favorite cookie recipe to taste, trade, and send home with one another.

All you really need for this type of party are the ingredients for your own favorite cookie recipe and a stack of disposable take-out containers for your guests to load their goodies into.

Hosting a great Christmas party doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you make the time you are spending with friends and family both fun and meaningful. Don’t get hung up on trying to do everything yourself. Let your guests help you and you’ll have more fun planning your party with loved ones, while enjoying a stress-free holiday season (especially knowing that it didn’t cost you a fortune).

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