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7 Ideas For Giving Christmas Gifts Without Spending Money

Original Hand-woven and  High Quality Ceramics Bracelet(Meteor, Christmas Gifts)Christmas is typically the most expensive time of year for everyone, even though what we spend is unnecessary and could be drastically reduced, or even eliminated completely. When it comes to Christmas presents, people spend a ridiculous amount of money on gifts that will just end up collecting dust on a shelf or shoved into the back of a closet.

Instead of forking out a ton of money on things people don’t really need or want this year, why not get creative and offer your friends and family something that they will find useful or refreshingly personal.

Actually, why not take it even one step further and give them Christmas gifts this year that don’t cost you any money!

Here are 7 ideas to get you started:


One of the most valuable gifts you can give to your friends with children is free babysitting.  Watching their little ones for an evening and providing them with a night out as a couple won’t cost you anything, but a quiet date after a busy holiday season might be just what they needed.  If you don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve, you could give an incredibly impressive gift and offer to watch a group of kids for your friends while they all celebrate with a night out on the town together.

Offer Your Services

If you provide professional services in your line of work, such as beauty treatments, car repair, or financial planning, why not offer your time as a gift to any of your friends that could use your expertise?  Spending a few hours helping a friend is a meaningful gift that will not only save you money, but also the hassle of shopping for just the right wool sweater that you already know they will never, ever wear.

Be a Teacher

Another great idea for those with special skills and expertise is to teach what you know to your friends.  Teaching a group of your friends and family to file their taxes, bake a soufflé, or nail some tricky yoga poses is a great way to spend time with them while giving them a valuable gift at the same time.  You can provide a group lesson fro all your friends and even make a little party out of it.

Give Cleaning Coupons
Coupons for house cleaning could be one of the most valuable gifts to give when you consider the chaotic post-Christmas and New Year’s Eve party mess that people often have spread throughout their house.

You could offer cleaning services such as tree takedown and disposal, bottle returns (from all those Christmas parties), Christmas decoration pack-up, or general washing, wiping, and tidying.  As a extra, you can even include which dates you’re available and specify how long your services are to be offered for.

Be A Host With The Most

While some people love to host marvellous gatherings and entertain their friends all throughout the night, others cringe at the idea of a house full of guests trampling around and leaving dishes, empty bottles, and party debris in their wake.  If you fall into the first category and just can’t wait to start crafting amazing Christmas themed centerpieces, then why not give a gift you love and offer to host a Christmas party or two to save your friends the grief.  If you have a knack for putting out a great spread without spending a ton of money, offer to throw a few catered parties for your friends, family, and co-workers as a group gift that everyone can enjoy.

Satisfy Their Sweet (or Savoury) Tooth

Baking treats for your friends and packing them into shiny boxes with pretty ribbons will cost you only the price of the ingredients (and those shiny boxes), but will result in a gift that can be undoubtedly appreciated, if not somewhat guiltily.  For a more involved baking parcel, you can bake several batches of a few of your favourite recipes and give everyone a sample of each.  Find some cheap (yet lovely) containers from a dollar store and package your goodies up for the sweetest gift of the year.

Get Crafty

If you have any crafting, sewing, knitting, or quilting skills, then why not put your talent to use for some homemade gifts?  By getting started early, and with a big enough mountain of yarn, you can craft a whole slew of gifts for all your friends that will cost you only the price of a few knitting supplies.  If you’re already a crafter you likely have most of your supplies on hand already, therefore you’ll probably only need to grab a few specific odds and ends to create your gifts. You can make some highly personalized scrapbooks, cards, or collages as well that will mean much more than any old store bought gift would.

Gifts that cost little or nothing are often the gifts that really come from the heart.  Instead of stretching your budget and trying to buy everyone something nice, use your imagination and give thoughtful, personal gifts this year that will  have more meaning to your friends and loved ones. 

Should you buy a Santa letter online or make it yourself

Christmas Tree with Shoe Boxes Adult Costume - L/XLAs Christmas gets closer and closer, the idea of having Santa come visit your child is becoming much more real. Now of course, you have to decide if buying a Santa letter online or making it yourself is the best option for you and your child. It's a hard choice to make so the pros and cons within the article will be a huge help.

There are a number of pros and cons that come from making your own Santa letter. The main one that comes to make is the need to actually plan how to actually make the letter. This can be hard if you don't have the supplies in advance. You might want to get special paper or write the letter in a unique way, the many choices require planning of some kind.

The secondary one is a pro, you'll be able to be creative with the letter you write for your child. You know your child best , so you'll be able to write a letter that your child will fall in love with instantly. You'll also be able to get creative with your design and your words.

The third one is both consider a con, the fear of your child finding out that you're writing the Santa letter will not be good at all. It can turn the holiday upside down. Keeping the secret is very important which is one reason many parents wait until that night to write the Santa letter.

Now let's consider the idea of buying your Santa letter online. The main reason people do this is because it can save a ton of time. Instead of having to take the time to write the letter, it's completely done for you. This will save you time and a ton of headaches as well.

Another positive reason to buy a Santa letter online is that you are able to pick out just how you want it to look and not have to worry about what to say. This will also save you a lot of time and prevent you from getting writer's block.

But with the positive, comes the negative. The main two negatives that come from buying a Santa letter is that you have to pay for it. You might have to pay as much as $20 for your Santa letter. The other negative is that you can't be creative. You are only allowed to just pick out the design and that's all.

Now that you know all the pros and the cons, it's time to decide for yourself and your child and go from there. ( perfect plr articles )

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How to add something extra to your Santa Letter

DIY Baking Silicone 3D Christmas Gifts Shaped Cake Chocolate Soap MoldWriting a Santa letter for your child is only the first step to making it amazing. The option of being able to add extra things within the letter just makes a child glow even more. However, it's not always easy trying to pick out what type of gift to pair with your letter or how to make your Santa letter special.

The truth is many Santa letter websites provide you with many choices on how to make your letter special. The difference is that it can cost a lot of money and might not be what you'd like to give your child. These things might include candy canes, stickers or some kind of picture. There are many options, and they change season by season.

You can add extras within your Santa letter by adding on things you can finally locally or that you can make on your own. The first thing you can add within a nice Santa letter is a themed Santa gift. This type of gift can be something like a photo, some stickers, something that has Santa or Rudolf on it. There are tons of different extras that can be found at discount stores as well as online.

Another extra you can add would be to personalize your letter in a way that only your child would love. You can mention how they are doing in school, or you can acknowledge how they are treating their new sibling. The options are limitless, but you don't need to go over board.

The last extra you can add to a Santa letter would be some type of Santa certificate. This is something that few people add, and it can be the perfect touch to a child's special day. You can create a certificate that proves that your child is on the good list. It will be something they can hang and admire for a very long time.

Adding something extra to your Santa letter is a great way to take an ordered letter from a company and turn it into something amazing. You want your child to feel special, so great creative to earn a huge smile  and build positive Santa memories as well. ( perfect plr articles )

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Reasons to write your own Santa letter

Deluxe Santa Claus CostumeAs Christmas starts to come closer and closer, it's time to consider what to give your child from Santa. Giving a gift to a child from Santa is just one way to really make their Christmas amazing. However, there are more ways to make their holiday amazing. You can write a letter from Santa to pair with their gifts.

It's a great idea to write your child a letter from Santa on your own because your child will be able to know that the effort they put into their letter to Santa was worth it. It's nice for a child to know that someone they look up to actually cares about them. Writing a letter from Santa can really provide them with that good feeling.

It's also a great idea to write your child a Santa letter because it will give them something they will most likely never forget. Many children save items to look at them later on. You child might be the same and save all the things Santa gives them.

Writing a letter to your child from Santa isn't as easy as it might seem. With a little bit of planning, you can create an amazing Santa letter just for your child. There are many ways you can make their letter special and with the help of the internet it has gotten even easier.

The key to making your child's Santa letter special  is to make it unique for them. Make sure that the letter is personal enough to be from Santa but not be too personal to make it seem like a parent actual wrote it. You also want the paper you use to be Christmas themed if possible or if not use a tea bag to make distressed looking paper.

Now that you know why and how to make your child a letter from Santa, the only thing left to do is to get to work. By taking the time to write a Santa letter to your child, you will create something amazing that your child will cherish for years to come. ( perfect plr articles )

Reasons to buy a letter from Santa online

Animal Winter MooseThere is something fun about getting any type of mail in the mail for a child. But it's even more special when a child gets a letter from someone they already look up to. This is why so many people enjoy the act of buying a Santa letter directly from the company that can actually send letters from the North pole. Being able to see that the return address and also the postmark is only one of the many reasons to buy a Santa letter online. Below you will discover a few more reasons you should jump online and buy the best Santa letter.

Many children decide to write a letter to Santa because it's a tradition. Along with that tradition comes going to the mall or a local event and taking pictures with that Santa. A parent can add more to that fun by using a Santa letter. When a child gets a response from the letter they sent Santa, they will instantly feel that the effort they put into making an amazing letter was worth it.

Buying a Santa letter online allows you to be so much more creative. Many of these larger companies provide you with a lot of choices and a ton of extras that you can add on to make your letter everything you want it to be. You will find that many companies allow you to add cute little extras like t-shirts or even other gifts.

The most fun part about getting a letter from Santa is to look at where it's from. When you go with the many companies that mail directly from the north pole, you will get a real looking letter that will provide proof that Santa is real within a child's eyes.

The last and most important reason to buy a letter from Santa online is that a child will never forget about it. It's true that as they age they may know where the letter really came from, but as they are young they will be able to know that Santa really cares about them.

Now that you know the many reasons to buy a letter from Santa online, the only thing left to do is go out and buy yours right away. Imagine the smile on your child's face when they open up the pretty envelope sent to them directly from Santa. It's a reaction you want to be there for.
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What's a Santa Letter

Deluxe Santa Claus CostumeIt's getting closer and closer to the time when Santa will climb down the chimney and deliver present to all the children in the world in just one single night. This year, it's time to make the joy of having Santa come into your home be even better for your child. And, it only takes one small, very affordable, piece of paper to do just that!

Santa letters are these amazing letters that normally come directly from the north pole These letters are are personalized to meet the needs of both parents and children. They can be typed with personal details only “Santa” world know and also tons of other things like notes about Santa's workshop or even the rain deers.

There are tons of different types of Santa letters. You can find them all over the internet and every year. More services come up to offer something unique and different for your child. You normally can get a select number of letters for free as a printable or you can buy letters online sent directly from the company for as little as $10 and as much $50. Many companies offer extras that you can pair with your  letter.

The best part of buying Santa Letters online is that you are able to get all different kinds. You can find a Santa letter that is religious or you can find one that features an urban Santa that fits within your family. You can find a Santa letter written in nearly any language you can think of.

If you want to wow a child's Christmas giving them a personalized Santa letter sent directly from the big guy himself is really going to do just that. Jump online right now and search for the perfect Santa Letter for your family. ( perfect plr articles )

Santa letters rock so much

Christmas Ornaments Plush Santa Claus Hold PillowThere is something fun about getting a letter from Santa that can have a child smiling ear to ear for days or even weeks. But, of course, that is  not the only reason , Santa letters rock so much. It's true that a child's reaction is just part of it, but that is only the beginning.

Can you imagine a child's face when they get a letter from the North pole directly from Santa? Their face will light up; a smile will race across their face and they will tear into the envelope, as if it's the first of many Christmas presents to open. It's just amazing;even the youngest child will be able to enjoy looking at the pretty paper and having you read them the letter as many times as possible.

Another reason why Santa letters rock so much is because you get to invest in something amazing. You are able to spend a little bit of money to get a large reaction. Some websites provide you with a large amount of extras you can pair with your personalized letter. You are able to get a letter sent from areas very far.

Another reason is that Santa letter are fun to look at, read, and pick from. Because there are so many different designs and different choices, you're able to enjoy the art of shopping for the perfect Santa letter for your child. You're able to spend time deciding how the letter should be worded. You are also able to determine  how soon you'd like your child to get it.

The last and most important reason is that it keeps your child believing in the fun of Santa. Of course, many children might learn at a very early age the “truth” about Santa, it's fun to let them enjoy the fun of Santa while they are still able to enjoy every element of it.

As you can see, these reasons make it fun for a child and also fun for you. So once you've decided that getting a Santa letter is perfect for you, the only question now is where do you start. ( perfect plr articles )

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Benefit of an Artificial Christmas trees

Stylized Tree Standee Large EachArtificial Christmas trees have come a long way from their humble beginnings. In the 1880’s the mass destruction of trees in Germany led to the first artificial tree made of goose feathers. By the early 1900’s, the Addis Brush Company created an alternative tree that could hold heavier, more elaborate ornaments. The new version was manufactured with the same machinery they made their toilet brushes. These days’ artificial trees are much more realistic with many benefits over real trees.

•    Artificial trees can be purchased from 12 inches up to 40 feet.  You can pick a tree that fits perfectly in the corner of your living room or stands proudly in a two story great room. 

•    Artificial Christmas trees can match your personality and your décor. They come in a variety of shapes and colors from green to white and pink silver or iced

•    Lugging a Christmas tree home year after year can feel more like a chore than a tradition. With a fake tree you can skip the drudgery and skip right to the ornament hanging and hot chocolate. If you miss the smell of fresh pines, many manufacturers sell sweet pine scented sprays to complete the ambiance.

•    You don’t have to bolt an artificial tree to the base or worry about pines falling on the floor and trailing through the house.  There is no need to desperately water a dying tree to hold off the browning till the end of the season. A fake tree means less time maintaining and more time admiring you Christmas tree.

•    Stringing Christmas lights is often a tense situation. With a real tree every year is a new challenge figuring out how to drape the lights just right- and that is after you untangle them from the box.  If you love the light without the hassle, many artificial Christmas trees come prewired with an assortment of energy efficient LED lights

•    An artificial tree will look just as good year after year as the day you bought it. Just take the tree out of the storage container, fluff the limbs and it is ready to go. Plus you can set it up and pack it away at your convenience without having to dump the dead tree.

•    Artificial Christmas trees are manufactured for their appearance and the ability to hold decorations. As a result, artificial trees are easier to decorate an artificial tree than an organic.

With artificial trees, you are not bringing outside elements indoors making it a perfect solution for people who suffer from allergies.

•    Real trees become fire hazards when they dry out. Why worry over a possible tragedy when artificial trees are much safer due to their flame retardant qualities?

•    Buying an artificial Christmas tree is also a great investment. Artificial trees are affordable. Their durability will save you money by not purchasing a new tree every year.

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How To Hang Outdoor Christmas lights

Christmas Ornaments Silver Christmas FlowerOutdoor Christmas lights instantly spread Holiday cheer. Christmas lights transform the exterior of a home for a very small investment. Though people love to see the sparkling lights embellish the neighborhood, an image of National Lampoon’s Christmas can make the process discouraging. 

Hanging Christmas lights is not as difficult  as it seems if the proper steps are followed.

•    Measure First - By measuring first you can ensure you have the right length of outdoor Christmas lights. Measure the base of the house along the corners and turns. Also measure the door frames, window frames and columns you plan to light.

•    Find Power Source – Find out if there is an outside power source or if a power cord is needed to run electricity through a window from the inside.  Measure how long of a power cord is needed to go from the source to the starting point of the roofline.

•    Pick Lights – There are several different bulb styles from icicles¸ bulbs, and retro bulbs. They can be purchased prelamped or separately as stringers and bulbs. Purchasing the stringers separately does allow you to change the bulb styles each season and gives you the ability to exchange dead bulbs.  

•    Calculate Power- Calculate the power wattage needed to prevent blowing a fuse. First figure out how many sockets are on the strand. Sockets look best placed 12” to 15” inches apart. Then determine Christmas light wattage by multiplying the bulb wattage by the number of sockets and divide by 115.  For example, bulb watts x number of sockets/115= total number of amps.  The total number of amps must be 10% less than the total amps the wire is rated.

•    Select Clips- Picking the correct clips will make hanging the outdoor Christmas lights much easier. There are many different clips to choose from appropriate for hanging Christmas lights on high peaks gutters, flat roofs, brick or siding. You can also pick up all in one clips

work with the largest number of bulbs. Attach the bulbs to the clips on the ground before climbing the ladder for a safer application.  Have a helper hold the lights so they don’t break against the ladder or house.

•    Light up the Night – Test the outdoor Christmas lights so you can replace or screw in any the lights that do not work. Set an outdoor timer so the lights come on at dusk and shut off at midnight.  Now, you are ready to bring the season of light to your front door.

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Christmas Dinner Ideas From Around The World

Cool Dangerous Design Wine Bottle Shelf SupporterChristmas dinner is the one of the few meals families sit down and eat together. It is the one family tradition people try not to break, even after they have grown up and left the nest. No matter what family tension manifested throughout the year, it is put aside for an evening of peace and well-wishing. Of course, the unifying factor that brings them all home for Christmas is the food.  

Breaking bread together is a celebration in itself.  In the United State the traditional meal is an elaborate version of Sunday dinner.  A festive holiday stuffing, roasted vegetables, and mashed potatoes are staples that grace the table. Specialty items like sweet potato casserole and old fashioned gelatin molds with fruit are tasty additions. The main event is usually a succulent ham, roast beef or goose. The food is usually prepared in abundance and made with love from the host’s kitchen. Besides common treats, classic yule logs, fruit cake, marzipan and Christmas pudding are specialty desserts looked forward to all year long.

Across the world families have their traditional dishes they feast on for Christmas dinner.  Perhaps, you can adapt some international favorites to this year’s menu.

Brazil – Served late night on Christmas Eve, Brazilians Christmas supper takes its cue from Portugal. Roasted chester, an oversized chicken, or turkey served with colorful rice dishes is the main event. An atlantic cod, bacalhão, is bought dried and salted then prepared for a day in a half before serving. Couve mineira , a garlic kale, and other vegetables and succulent fruits fill out the menu. Christmas dinner is not complete without traditional rabanada for dessert; French toast made with baguettes, sprinkled with sugar then drizzled with a spice port wine syrup.

Czech Republic- Households in the Czech Republic have old superstitions that influence their Christmas dinner customs that are not observed today.  A traditional meal consist of nine courses , including bread and honey, fried carp, potato salad, fruit, and an apple strudel dessert. Many days before Christmas a variety of Christmas cookies are made and lavishly decorated for guests. Leftover cookies are often displayed on the Christmas tree.

Philippines – Christmas is the most important holiday in the Philippines and, Noche Buena, or Christmas is the highlight. The meal is sumptuous buffet that friends and family are invited to drop by in an Open House style setting. Tables decorated with wreaths and Christmas flowers display large portions of roasted pig, oxtail stew, a baked stuff chicken called, rellenong manok, noodles and pasta dishes, native rice cakes, adobo, spring rolls, and cheese balls. Dinner is served with a native hot chocolate and ginger tea.

Germany - In Germany, a celebration takes place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The day before Christmas Bockwurst and potato salad, raclette, fondue, and fish or served. Then Christmas dinner is a more elaborate affair with roast turkey or goose, red cabbage, and potato dumplings. German gingerbread and Plätzchen, a variety of cookies always make an appearance.

There are many different recipes from around the world to spice up your Christmas dinner. The one thing they have in common is sharing the holiday with loved ones.