Christmas Party Games

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas Party Games

Santa Hat Animals with Gift BagsLiven up your Holiday get together with Christmas party games sure to add zing to your gathering.

Dirty Santa- Dirty Santa is a popular holiday game that can actually be the main event of your party. Everyone can participate while sipping on egg nog and noshing their favorite cookies. 

  1. Before the party, ask everyone to bring an item from home they no longer want but believe someone else could enjoy. Guests can use this opportunity to re-gift nice items that did not fit their personality. They should wrap their gifts and bring it to the party.
  2. Place all the wrapped gifts on a central table for guest to admire.
  3. Have everyone draw a number from a stocking to determine the order of play. The person with the number one goes first.
  4. The first guest comes up to the table and selects whatever gift appeals to them. They then open and announce their gift.
  5. The next player has the choice of stealing any ones gift who went before them or unwrap a new gift from the table. Each gift can only be stolen twice.
  6. Play continues until everyone has a chance to keep or steal a gift. The first player ends the game by deciding if they want to keep the gift they have or steal another.
  7. Everyone goes home with their own Christmas treasure.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph – This is a Christmas variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Though it is fun for kids, it is also a hoot after adults have their Christmas spirits.
  1. Prepare the game by drawing a large picture of Rudolph on butcher paper. Cut out coaster sized circles out of red construction paper. Adhere double stick tape to the back of each.
  2. Have each guests write their name on the front of their reindeer nose with a sharpie.
  3. One at a time have the guest stand a foot from the poster and blindfold them. Spin them around once and let them stick the nose on Rudolph
  4. Whoever’s nose is closest to Rudolph’s actual nose is the winner.

Speed Wrap - Speed wrap is a great game to get people up and moving. It is a bit madcap, but it is one of the best Christmas party games. Everyone will be laughing and socializing.
  1. Before the party set up a large table, with enough wrapping paper, scissors, rolls of tape, boxes and ribbon for everyone
  2. Divide guests into pairs and have them  put their one arm around each other so only one hand is free
  3. Each pair must work together to neatly wrap their package as fast as they can.
  4. The first pair to attractively wrap their gift, ribbon is the winner.
Christmas Carol Pictionary - Young an old can enjoy a rousing game of Pictionary. Give the classic game a Christmas twist using Christmas carols as the hidden phrase.
  1. Before the party write names of Christmas songs and Carols on slips of paper or index cards. Set up a large erase board or easel paper.
  2. Split guests into two teams.
  3. Teams take turns sending one player to the board. They pick a card and attempt to draw clues on the paper until someone guesses the Christmas song.  They cannot write numbers, letters, or making hand gestures.
  4. Everyone tries to guess the carol no matter whose team the drawer is on. If your team member guesses the right answer first the team gets a point. If not the other team blocks and no point is awarded.
  5. Play continues until everyone has a turn at the board.
  6. Add an extra layer of fun to Christmas party games with prizes.  Give bonus points if someone guesses a song correctly while it happens to be playing in the background.

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