Looking for Gifts Ideas for Office Christmas?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Looking for Gifts Ideas for Office Christmas?

Holiday Elegance Gift BasketChristmas gift ideas are hard to come up with, especially when buying gifts for co-workers. You want to pick something showing you took their personality into consideration. Yet, without personal relationships you don’t want to be presumptuous or miss the mark.  Avoid this year’s gift becoming next yours re-gift by giving them a useful present they can appreciate through the year.

Personalized Mouse Pad – A mouse pad with the recipient’s name and an attractive background that matches their personality shows you took that extra step. There are many themes to choose from and they are easily ordered online.

Offbeat Business Card Holder
- There are many styles of card holders from modern to quirky. Pick something you know the recipient will enjoy. Do they collect model trains, or always talk about retiring to the tropics? Give them a choo-choo train, or palm tree holder. Not only will it keep their business cards front and center, they make an attractive desk accessory.

Hearty Plants - Plants create oxygen and a more pleasant environment. Get your coworker a desk plant that takes little care to thrive. A potted pothos or succulents plant such as an aloe or crassulaceae are interesting and require little maintenance.

Wine – A bottle of wine is usual very well received. There are so many different types; you can pick a style that matches their taste preference. Many online resources can help you pick the perfect bottle. If you are not sure what they prefer, play it safe with a popular wine, like Merlot or Chardonnay.

Gift Cards – Gift cards make wonderful Christmas gift ideas. They are quick and easy to pick up, do not require wrapping paper. For an office gift chose a gift card that gives a lot of bang for a nominal price like a certificate for a mani/pedi, for a coffee shop, or iTunes. There is an appropriate gift card for everyone.

Scented Candles - Candle fragrances can be a form of aromatherapy or simply give a pleasant smell in an office. If recipients do not have a private office, candles or still nice little gifts they can take home and enjoy. There are a large variety of candles from limited Christmas editions like gingerbread, and pine to high end designer creations.

Personalized Family Ornament
- Ornaments are wonderful gift ideas for family men and women. Have a custom Christmas decorations made with the recipients last name and the date inscribed.  A family ornament will hang on the Christmas tree year after year.

With these great office Christmas gift ideas  you can check one more task off your to do list.

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