Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Giant Wall DecalsThere are few things as beautiful as a drive to view the beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations. Even better than the commercial areas are the different styles displayed in each neighborhood. With some many types of decorations to choose from, everyone can find a way to express their Christmas spirit with outdoor Christmas decorations.

Deck the Door – Just decorating the front door can give big impact. One idea is to give it an appearance of a giant present. Pick a sturdy gold or silver wrapping paper and neatly wrap and tape the entire front door. Use a wide velvet ribbon to make a large loop bow to affix to the door. A more subtle approach is to make a simple natural wreath out of cones or pines. There are also beautiful wreaths you can buy to give a dramatic effect.

Old World Glow - Candles in each window dates back to the 1800’s. The warm glow they radiate is also represents friendship and peace in the Christmas season. Today, there is an endless selection of electrical versions that look just like the traditional window tapers. Candles are a classic understated way to decorate the exterior view of your home.
String it Up- Christmas is the season of lights and there is no better way to give the added twinkle than string lights. Opt for the festive colored bulbs or simple white lights. String them on eaves and around windows to outline the features of the house or accent outdoor trees and columns.

Adorn the Trees - No reason why he only ornamented tree should be inside. Decorating outdoor trees create a lovely outdoor display. An advantage of decorating a tree with ornaments instead of lights allows people to view the decorations day at night. There are many outdoor Christmas decorations with the proper scale and durability for the elements.

Spotlight - Smartly placed spotlights can be all that’s needed to step up outdoor Christmas decorations. Shining a spotlight on a wreath is a quiet and classy way to bring the eye directly to the focal point. Foot flood light are also wonderful on distinguished homes. For example, lights pointed at the base of a beautiful Victorian can highlights the details with a soft white light at the base of the home. 

Set a Scene – For those who believe bigger is better, there are plenty of wonderful figurines you can exhibit in the front yard. You can use present an artistic nativity scene, a wooden Santa sleigh pulled by reindeer, or even a blow up Santa. Whatever outdoor Christmas decorations you chose, your Christmas spirit will be evident.

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