Benefit of an Artificial Christmas trees

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Benefit of an Artificial Christmas trees

Stylized Tree Standee Large EachArtificial Christmas trees have come a long way from their humble beginnings. In the 1880’s the mass destruction of trees in Germany led to the first artificial tree made of goose feathers. By the early 1900’s, the Addis Brush Company created an alternative tree that could hold heavier, more elaborate ornaments. The new version was manufactured with the same machinery they made their toilet brushes. These days’ artificial trees are much more realistic with many benefits over real trees.

•    Artificial trees can be purchased from 12 inches up to 40 feet.  You can pick a tree that fits perfectly in the corner of your living room or stands proudly in a two story great room. 

•    Artificial Christmas trees can match your personality and your décor. They come in a variety of shapes and colors from green to white and pink silver or iced

•    Lugging a Christmas tree home year after year can feel more like a chore than a tradition. With a fake tree you can skip the drudgery and skip right to the ornament hanging and hot chocolate. If you miss the smell of fresh pines, many manufacturers sell sweet pine scented sprays to complete the ambiance.

•    You don’t have to bolt an artificial tree to the base or worry about pines falling on the floor and trailing through the house.  There is no need to desperately water a dying tree to hold off the browning till the end of the season. A fake tree means less time maintaining and more time admiring you Christmas tree.

•    Stringing Christmas lights is often a tense situation. With a real tree every year is a new challenge figuring out how to drape the lights just right- and that is after you untangle them from the box.  If you love the light without the hassle, many artificial Christmas trees come prewired with an assortment of energy efficient LED lights

•    An artificial tree will look just as good year after year as the day you bought it. Just take the tree out of the storage container, fluff the limbs and it is ready to go. Plus you can set it up and pack it away at your convenience without having to dump the dead tree.

•    Artificial Christmas trees are manufactured for their appearance and the ability to hold decorations. As a result, artificial trees are easier to decorate an artificial tree than an organic.

With artificial trees, you are not bringing outside elements indoors making it a perfect solution for people who suffer from allergies.

•    Real trees become fire hazards when they dry out. Why worry over a possible tragedy when artificial trees are much safer due to their flame retardant qualities?

•    Buying an artificial Christmas tree is also a great investment. Artificial trees are affordable. Their durability will save you money by not purchasing a new tree every year.

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