How To Hang Outdoor Christmas lights

Monday, November 5, 2012

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas lights

Christmas Ornaments Silver Christmas FlowerOutdoor Christmas lights instantly spread Holiday cheer. Christmas lights transform the exterior of a home for a very small investment. Though people love to see the sparkling lights embellish the neighborhood, an image of National Lampoon’s Christmas can make the process discouraging. 

Hanging Christmas lights is not as difficult  as it seems if the proper steps are followed.

•    Measure First - By measuring first you can ensure you have the right length of outdoor Christmas lights. Measure the base of the house along the corners and turns. Also measure the door frames, window frames and columns you plan to light.

•    Find Power Source – Find out if there is an outside power source or if a power cord is needed to run electricity through a window from the inside.  Measure how long of a power cord is needed to go from the source to the starting point of the roofline.

•    Pick Lights – There are several different bulb styles from icicles¸ bulbs, and retro bulbs. They can be purchased prelamped or separately as stringers and bulbs. Purchasing the stringers separately does allow you to change the bulb styles each season and gives you the ability to exchange dead bulbs.  

•    Calculate Power- Calculate the power wattage needed to prevent blowing a fuse. First figure out how many sockets are on the strand. Sockets look best placed 12” to 15” inches apart. Then determine Christmas light wattage by multiplying the bulb wattage by the number of sockets and divide by 115.  For example, bulb watts x number of sockets/115= total number of amps.  The total number of amps must be 10% less than the total amps the wire is rated.

•    Select Clips- Picking the correct clips will make hanging the outdoor Christmas lights much easier. There are many different clips to choose from appropriate for hanging Christmas lights on high peaks gutters, flat roofs, brick or siding. You can also pick up all in one clips

work with the largest number of bulbs. Attach the bulbs to the clips on the ground before climbing the ladder for a safer application.  Have a helper hold the lights so they don’t break against the ladder or house.

•    Light up the Night – Test the outdoor Christmas lights so you can replace or screw in any the lights that do not work. Set an outdoor timer so the lights come on at dusk and shut off at midnight.  Now, you are ready to bring the season of light to your front door.

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